MONKEY JUNGLE / ZIP LINE "All Inclusive Private Tour"

Monkey Jungle Private Tour

In this wonderful adventure  we will take you on a short downhill hike to a spectacular five acre botanical garden, located in an old grotto to interact with 30 squirrel monkeys.

You will pose for pictures with monkeys sitting on your heads and shoulders, they do not fear humans.

We will make another short walk to a nearby refuge, a sanctuary that houses the Capuchin rescue monkeys that entertain.

It is almost certain that they will do something fun to make you laugh out loud!


Zip Line

It is a 4500-foot ACCT certified zip line with 7 stations and 2 suspended bridges, one with a free fall blocking device (descending fan) that lets you drop more than 50 feet into an ancient bat cave.

You will be equipped with a Robertson harness, your flight equipment and equipped with a climbing helmet.
Our zip line course uses a system to break hands, which means that our guests control their speed, starting and stopping.

After your safety report, you will follow our experienced guides to start the adventure.

This tour lasts approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Important information:

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Zipline: the maximum weight is 300 lbs. No minimum

Free fall: the maximum weight is 250 lbs. No minimum

This adventure is designed for people in good physical condition.

Pregnant women cannot make zip lines.

Completion of an exemption / release form is required.

Closed shoes are required. The tennis shoes are the best!

Long pants or shorts are recommended.

Suitable for children from 3 to 93 years old


This tour includes air-conditioned transportation, tour guide, entrance fees and drinks on the bus (Water bottles, rum, coke and sprite)


This will be an all-inclusive private tour, only with you, for this reason the price will depend on how many people you will be.

For information about PRICES, reservations or any other question, please contact us here  or Cell Phone  1-809-912-4173.


Look Who You're Helping

The Leon-Laroche Clinics at Monkey Jungle. Started in mid-2009 with visiting Nashville pediatric dentist, Dr. David Snodgrass, pulling teeth in the rear of a Dodge pickup truck. By the end of 2009 they had built the first medical and dental clinic. 

Today, Monkey Jungle has been visited by over 50,000 guests. 

The free clinics at Monkey Jungle have treated over 21,000 Dental and Medical patients and have been hosts to 39 health care volunteer teams that have stayed and cared for patients from 3 to 6 days each. 

In early 2013 the Monkey Jungle Dental Clinic was expanded by 500 square feet to include
two more operatories. 

A portion of the money from your tour booking, is used to support these clinics!


Important informations:

Dear customers:

Due to the situation that we are living in the world at the moment by the Covit - 19, let me tell you that our company, as well as all our suppliers, are already preparing to apply the sanitation protocol to provide them with the safest possible service to avoid contagion. .

Our vehicles are equipped with a lacer thermometer to measure body temperature, antibacterial gel, disposable gloves and face masks.

It is recommended that you wear your masks anyway.

Our tour guides and drivers will also wear gloves and masks for mutual protection.


Cancellation Policy

If you cancel at least 24 hours before the tour date, we will refund all the money immediately.

If you are scheduled to arrive by Amber Cove on one of the cruises, and this for some reason does not dock, all your money will be refunded immediately.

For more information about reservations and PRICES, please contact us here or Cell Phone 1-809-912-4173.