27 WATERFALLS with or without combined ZIPLINE "All Inclusive Private Tour"

27 Waterfalls Private Tour with or without Zipline

This waterfall tour can be done with or without a combined zipline.

The original and best known of the area's falls starts with a moderate hike of around 35 minutes that leads up to the top of the falls number 12 where the real fun begins as you jump, slide and swim your way back down to base camp, emerging with a silly grin on your face and memories to cherish! Total river time approx. 2.5 hours.

Jumps of up to 8m/25ft but don't worry, the big jumps all have walk arounds if you don't feel comfortable with the heights.

If you decide to combine 7 waterfalls with Zipline, then the descent down the lines starts at waterfall number 12 until waterfall number 7, where you will continue descending the waterfalls sliding to
down, jumping or just using the stairs.

This tour includes air-conditioned bus transportation from your hotel, Amber Cove or Taino Bay cruise terminals and back, entrance fees, tour guide, life jacket, protective helmet, lunch and drinks  (water bottles, rum, coke ans sprite) 

You will have to bring tennis or water shoes to protect your feet when walking through the forest, towels and insect repellent.

 If your hotel is located near the city of Puerto Plata or if you plan to dock at Amber Cove or Taino Bay cruise terminals on one of the cruise ships, the tour lasts approximately 4.5 to 5 hours.

The vehicle will be in the Waterfalls Ranch parking lot at all times, so you can leave all your belongings in it, everything will be safe.

"The tour can be Waterfalls + Zipline or only Waterfalls"


This will be an all-inclusive private tour, only with you, for this reason the price will depend on how many people you will be.

For information about PRICES, reservations or any other question, please contact us here roblesrene@hotmail.com  or Cell Phone  1-809-912-4173.


Cancellation Policy

If you cancel at least 24 hours before the tour date, we will refund all the money immediately.

If you are scheduled to arrive by Amber Cove or Taino Bay cruise terminals on one of the cruises, and this for some reason does not dock, all your money will be refunded immediately.

For more information about reservations and PRICES, please contact us here roblesrene@hotmail.com or Cell Phone 1-809-912-4173.