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ATV's ADVENTURE "All Inclusive Private Tour"


This tour will let you drive these 4x4 ATV  back into the deepest jungles in the area. 

This adrenaling adventure gets you way off the beaten path and onto remote tropical trails. 
You will drive through lush palm tree forests, splash through jungle streams and experience scenery seldom seen from other adventures. 

Your guide will take you into the jungle to clear a fresh mountain river and to a beautiful beach where you can swim and cool off heading back to the ranch.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel at least 24 hours before the tour date, we will refund all the money immediately.
If you are scheduled to arrive by Amber Cove on one of the cruises, and this for some reason does not dock, all your money will be refunded immediately.

For more information about reservations and PRICES, please contact us here  or Cell Phone  1-809-912-4173.